In Remembrance of Anthony Reed & Darrin Bradham

This past month we lost two employees, Anthony Reed and Darrin Bradham. They both passed suddenly, leaving all of us here at Fischer Tile with heavy hearts and in a state of shock. Our condolences go out to their beloved families, friends, and those left behind in disbelief of these tragedies. Thank you so much to our employees and many business partners for reaching out to us and to both of their families with your condolences, kindness, and generous hearts.

Due to the overwhelming number of people wanting to assist the families, we set up a Meal Train account to honor each of them. This will provide immediate assistance and comfort to their families; you can either donate money (for help with immediate expenses: medical, funeral, living, etc.) or you can sign up to provide a meal to the family. Thank you again to all of our amazing employees and business partners for taking the time to reach out to the grieving families and to us here at Fischer Tile during this time of loss.

In Remembrance of Anthony Reed:

Meal Train – Anthony Reed

In Remembrance of Darrin Bradham:

Meal Train – Darrin Bradham

*Please feel free to pass along this information to others that knew either Anthony or Darrin. Thank you so much!*