An Old Material Rediscovered

A hundred years ago, stone and marble were surfaces of choice, whether for expensive homes, commercial structures or public buildings. But they began disappearing after World War II as marble became more expensive and synthetic products became more widely used.

During the last decade, however, granite and marble regained their popularity as the tastes shifted from synthetics to natural materials, especially for commercial applications where stone was used as a veneer on exteriors and in special interior applications such as lobbies. Today granite is the first choice for many homes as well, including high-end production housing. In fact, in the last year or two, granite has begun to replace ceramic tile as a standard surface in many kitchens and baths.

Fischer’s granite operation actually includes not only granite, which represents more than 80 percent of its work, but also engineered stone such as Caesarstone and Zodiaq, as well as marble and other exotic stones. Because of growing demand, Fischer remodeled and expanded the shop in 2006, thus increasing capacity by 50 percent.

The granite shop currently uses 25,000 square foot of a 70,000 square feet building complex at 2541 Land Avenue. It houses a highly trained staff of fabricators and installers work with state-of-the art equipment including three 20 horsepower bridge saws and largest, fastest edge polisher available.